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There may be nothing more frightening than facing criminal charges, as you could face steep penalties like fines, jail time and probation, as well as damage to your personal or professional reputation. If you’re in this situation, turn to the Law Offices of Craig A. Squitieri, a New Jersey-based firm that offers dedicated legal representation to individuals facing indictable crimes, disorderly person or petty disorderly person charges. I deliver personal attention based on your unique needs and circumstances, developing a strategy that helps protect your constitutional rights and best interests. To have access to a criminal defense lawyer who won’t back down when working on your behalf, get in touch with my firm today.

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Rather than classifying crimes as misdemeanors or felonies, the state of New Jersey has three main categories:

  • Indictable crimes: These offenses are similar to felonies, and include crimes such as arson, sex crimes, burglary, forgery, theft and drug offenses. Penalties vary based on the degree of the crime, but often involve prison sentences and fines.
  • Disorderly person crimes: These types of offenses include drug possession, shoplifting, assault, resisting arrest and other crimes the state considers moderately serious in nature. If convicted, you could face fines up $1,000 and up to six months of incarceration.
  • Petty disorderly crimes: This is the least serious type of crime in New Jersey and includes issues like harassment and disorderly conduct. However, 30-day jail sentences and large fines are still possible if you are convicted of a petty disorderly person offense.

It’s worth noting that New Jersey has a statute of limitations for most crimes, mandating that prosecutors must move ahead with case related to a particular offense in a certain timeframe. In most situations, this period is between five and seven years. Offenses like homicide, sexual assault and manslaughter have no statutes of limitations attached to them, however.

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