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A legal dispute can completely disrupt your life and your business, which is why it’s so important to work with a civil litigation attorney you can trust when dealing with these matters. With my firm, the Law Offices of Craig A. Squitieri, I provide exceptional legal guidance and personal attention aimed toward best protecting you and your interests. I bring a relentless and determined approach to practicing the law, which means you have a spirited legal advocate on your side at all times. Don’t address your next legal dispute without my assistance.

Covering complex litigation issues

When a contractor or partner fails to perform the duties outlined in a signed contract or other type of agreement, you may need to take legal action to protect your best interests. The following are some of the most common civil matters with which I can help:

    • Breach of contract: Failing to adhere to the terms of a contract without a legitimate reason may constitute breach of contract. Common examples include not completing a job on time and failing to deliver on goods or services promised. Over time, your business may find itself engaged in disputes with suppliers, vendors, employees, partners or other parties.
    • Business torts: If you believe a party in a business agreement or transaction has failed to act properly, you may need to take legal action. This could be related to intentional or unintentional misrepresentation, as well as agreements you suspect were made in bad faith.
  • Corporate disputes: These matters are typically related to disputes between partners or shareholders. Common issues include conflict of interest, breach of fiduciary interest, financial agreements and acquisitions and mergers.

Resolving disputes out of court

In many situations, you may not need to file an actual lawsuit to get the results you need in a civil or commercial dispute. There are alternative means to resolving these issues, including mediation and arbitration, which both give you and the other party the opportunity to meet outside of the courtroom to discuss all of the matters involved and attempt to reach an agreement. This can be a less expensive, time-consuming and stressful process compared to litigation. I always seek the best avenues possible to address your legal matter, including both litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

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